Photo shoot in Prague

Diana and Victor

Victor and Marina, thank you so much for the photo shoot in Christmas Prague! 🎄

Ariving to Prague on Christmas Holidays we understood we wanted to have the seen beauty not only in our memories but also on photos📷 Victor and Marina 👫 helped us to make it true.
We hadn’t had any experience in such photo shoots before. We were nervous and worried about the process till we met Victor. As well as he is a talented photographer, he is a wonderful person. It was easy and pleasant to communicate with him and it helped us to fell more confident and be more natural while the photo shoot.
Our photo session turned into a pleasant walking and it had an effect on our photos. We got beautiful, bright, lively photos and pleasant memories. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We are 100% pleased with the result! And now we have the wish to come back to blossom Prague in spring and, of course, to see you again.

Czech Republic, Prague (January, 2017)

Christmas photo shoot

Svetlana and Nikita

Dear Victor and Marina!
We want to thank you again for a pleasant commucation, for the photo shoot of my dream. Special thanks to Victor, who was able to prepossess my husband to shooting. And a photo as a present is something special: I admire it sufficiently!

We watched photos with our parents one more time and everybody was pleased of them.

Thank you one more time! You are real magicians. Looking forward to see you in St.Petersburg!

Czech Republic, Prague ( January, 2017)

Photographer in Prague

Anastasia Klim

A huge amount of successful shootings, great backgrounds, absolutely invisible elaboration. We went to Prague to take wedding photos, Victor gave us advice how to get a better result, came to us to the hotel, advised us MUA and many others. It’s easy to have picture taken by Victor, he suggests you what to do during the photo shoot, you have just to come! When my mum and sister went to Prague they also were Victor’s clients, that is the reason why I chose him, although I had had one already,but I was really impressed by Victor’s work.

I recommend him to everybody.

Czech republic, Prague ( October, 2016)

Photo shoot in Europe

Tatiana and Anton

Choosing a photographer I was looking for a photographer, but in reality I got two wonderful, energetic, sociable and responsible people: Victor and Marina! All the words aren’t enough to describe how lucky we are to work with them! Photos are a kind of magic, bright, colourful! Camera angle, development, atmosphere…A reverence for you! It was a pleasant september day and we got a blessed memory for all life!

Now you’re our favorite photographers! We’ll come to you to memorize our next cause.

Czech republic, Prague ( September, 2016)

Wedding photo shoot in Prague

Maria and Pavel

I have thought of the choice of the photographer since we had chosen Prague as the place of a wedding ceremony. I looked through the wedding websites with photographers, read recommendations, checked the list of photographers which was sent by the agency, but I still couldn’t decide on the choice. I spent for it more than a month and then, as a lucky strike, I met Victor Zadvizhkov on There are not so many feedbacks on him and that is strange. Looked over his works, I showed them to my groom and to my best friend and we came to a conclusion that Victor is the one who is necessary to us. I can tell at once that haven’t lost.
He is a very cool photographer, an easy and positive person! During the wedding photo shoot we had the feeling of going out with the friends. It should be noted that my groom doesn’t like to be photographed, for him this was the most terrible challenge on wedding day. But he absolutely relaxed working with Victor, they found many reasons for a conversation, it seems to me that Pasha (my groom) didn’t even notice that he was photographed.
We met our photographer a day before the wedding, he came to our apartments, and we could discuss quietly a walking way, shooting time, I told what we would like to see on photos, Victor offered his possibilities and ideas, all this has been shown on examples from his experience. After personal acquaintance – it became quiet. We were waiting for the photo exactly the time was written in the contract, everything was accurate also without delays. When we got them, heart aflutter I watched shots of our wedding day. It seemed to us we have a new trip to Prague, revisit all emotions, heartbeats, tears with the best friend because of a touching moment, affection before the first meeting in a wedding dress with my future husband, magic of the ceremony in the Old city Town hall, and of course, carelessness and easiness from the wedding walk. On our photos there is no affectedness, artificial persons, all they are lively, real. Also I want to note that Victor sent us two versions of works: in color and in b/w, and they transfer emotions in an absolutely different way. Some photos in b/w are much deeper, than in color. As Victor has correctly told, in b/w you see an essence, without being distracted by superfluous.
I recommend Victor to everybody who has a wedding in the Czech Republic, you will receive quality professional photos!

Czech republic, Prague ( September, 2016)

Photo shoot in Prague


When we come to Prague we apply to Victor not for the first. In reality this person is a source of my headache, because looking over his work you could get crazy, this is connected not only with the beauty of his photos but also with the choice of the best of the best photos!

The choice which seems unreal…)

I’m glad to be caught by you canera this year)

Everything was at a very high level, especially the result!

Czech republic, Prague ( November, 2016)

Autumn photo shoot in Prague


When we flew to Prague for the second time, there was no need to think about the photographer! Victor, you were one of the reasons why we came back to Prague. You showed it to us from another side, of course, we had many excursions before, but nobody had shown us such places as you had: swans, roofs and gardens! I want to wish mums who has daughters apply to Victor! You won’t regret, your child will be satisfied with a photo shoot, and so do you, and just imagine your emotions when you’ll get your photos! The first day will be hard! Probably you’ll have a headache because of choosing photos, cause all of them are great! I’m glad to be acquainted with you! I was glad to see you again. I hope that wasn’t the last time?! One more time thank you for wonderful photos!!!

Czech republic, Prague ( November, 2016)

Wedding in Prague

Victoria and Stanislav

Victor’s not only a talented photographer, but also an ordinary, cheerful, sociable person. Cause to show sincere emotions you should feel free, not be shy. Thanks to friendly atmosphere during the photo shoot we succeed in it. Every photo is a masterpiece. They were touching my feelings for three days, unlimited number of likes, comments and sms 😂 Vitia, thank you for not rejecting our impulsive coming! Now the most difficult part- to choose photos for printing.

Thank you for capturing us and our emotions!!!

Czech republic, Prague ( September, 2016)

Wedding in Prague

Yulia and Yurii

My husband and I are so thankful to Victor for great photo shoot and unforgettable wedding atmosphere! Victor’s a personification of professionalism, kindness and humanity, a master who knows and loves his work! We’re so glad we got a recommendation to come to such a talented photographer.

Victor and Marina, thank you so much!

Sincerely yours, Yurii and Yulia

Czech republic, Prague( August, 2016)

Prewedding photoshoot in Prague

Jiahua Shi and Bodu

Victor is a professional photographer, he is also a very nice and easy-going gentleman. We had a pleasant shooting experience in Europe. He will never make you disappointed if you choose him.

Czech Republic, Prague (May 2016)

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